Strategy x Creative

Guided by data. Fueled by creativity.

SXC is a digital marketing consulting firm specialized in helping you solve complex marketing challenges.

We are brought in to take away and to avoid pain – whether the pain is internal or external.

We help startups to map the road ahead, moving forward on the right foot and avoiding major mistakes and pitfalls.

We help established companies to increase brand awareness, with marketing strategies including content and SEO. We help you build the roadmap and guide you to results. 

We focus on the hard parts. Finding ways for your target audience to know you exist, to help them find you, and have the experience that converts them from prospects to paying customers.

SXC is agile, innovative, and customer-centric. We put ourselves into the customer’s shoes and create a journey that gets noticed, and moves the customer into action.

SXC is led by Alie Jules, a 17+ year SEO and marketing veteran.