Solid advice for e-commerce websites from Google.

Easy win! If you have an e-commerce business and you are not doing this – yet – do it asap for an easy win.

Create a Dedicated Page for Seasonal Sales Events

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On your website make sure you have a dedicated page, a page that is ONLY for e.g. Black Friday.

Then repeat and do this for the major Sales Events you participate in throughout the year.

One page – One event

You could have pages for:

Black Friday
Valentine’s Day
Earth Day
Mother’s Day
and so on…

Do NOT Include Year in the URL

When creating these pages keep the date and the year out of the URLs.

If you were to create a new page each year, you’d end up with a lot of old, orphan pages on your site, which could negatively impact your site’s rankings down the road.

Instead, you will reuse these pages with fresh content each year!



Then include the year in the title and perhaps add a few mentions on-page, so that the users know 100% that the sales are current.

Do NOT Use + Reuse One Single Page for All Events

What if you have one page, that is dedicated to all events?


Where you keep switching up content from one sale to the next.

This will not give you good results!

Google will remember your Easter sales content on the page when Mother’s Day comes around and you will miss out on ranking for, practically every sales event.

Instead, SPLIT each sales event onto its own page, as mentioned above.

More more thing.

Keep in mind not to go overboard with creating a page for every single tiny and imaginary sales event.

Focus on the main sales events – events potential customers search for and ones that are important for your business.

Alie Jules

Alie Jules
Founder of Strategy x Creative